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  Thursday 17th
Two Technological Advances

Council House Council Chamber
9:55am - 12:00pm

Chair Prof. Steve Hoskins

Prof. Erik Brunvand & Alison Denyer
Printmaking on a Micro Scale

Peter Walters, Carinna Parraman and David Huson (UWE) and Maja Staníc (University of Zagreb)
3D Printing in Colour: Technical evaluation and Creative applications

Tuula Lehtinen
Graphic Concrete

Brendan Reid
The relationship between the surface and sculptural qualities of 3D printed rapid prototypes
  The first IMPACT conference ran a panel session on digital technology - at that point we were primarily concerned with digital printing and video. One decade on from the first conference panel, Printmakers have quietly adopted digital printmaking as an integral part of the printmakers’ armoury. Now a new range of technologies beyond the simple use of paper and ink are emerging. These range from printing in three dimensions, through the industrial process of printing micro-chips, to large areas of printed concrete.

This panel will present a series of views encompassing these new technologies and will debate the future for digital technology.

Peter Walters, Carinna Parraman, David Huson and Maja Staníc will investigate the capabilities of three dimensional colour printing technologies and present examples of their application within art and design practice.

Tuula Lehtinen will present a project on Graphic Concrete, which is a new way of producing concrete surfaces with printed elements on them. The end result contrasts the printed elements with the exposed fine aggregate finish.

Prof. Eric Brunvand  and Alison Denyer will discuss printmaking on a micro scale through the industrial process of printing onto micro-chips, where lines are measured in millions of a metre.

Brendan Reid will be talking about the relationship between the surface and sculptural qualities of 3D printed rapid prototypes, in particular relationship to the fine artist and how they might interface with these technologies.