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The National Academy of the Arts in Bergen
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Tuula Lehtinen studied at the Art Academy in Helsinki 1976-80. She has participated in a great number of solo and group exhibitions in Finland and abroad- and is represented in many public and private collections in Finland and Sweden.
She is interested in technical experimentation which continuously redirects her imagery. She is specially intrested in art in compinason with architecture and specially in all the posibilities and challenges that art integrated in the environment offers for printmaking technigues.
Tuula Lehtinen is fascinated by technique but stretches them in order to find her own by always asking herself: What are the possibilities? Artistically and technically? I don’t like to think in terms of editions, that inhibits me, but rather experiment with corrosive acids on gold leaf, with wax or gum printing on cloth. I want to transcend the ‘boundaries’!
In my prints I have always relied heavily on shades of color and the qualities that the technique provides. Already during my studies at the Art Academy in Helsinki I became interested in color and larger and more 3 dimensional formats in printmaking. The possiblities for print in compination with cheramics or glass and concrete, are in the main focus of her intrests at the moment. That can also be seen in the study program at The National Academy of the Arts in Bergen, Norway, where she at the moment works as professor of the printmaking department.

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