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  Thursday 17th
Four Colour Gamut and Appearance:
New Frontiers and Solutions for Professional Colour Management in Digital Printing

Council House Council Chamber
1:40pm - 3:30pm

Chair Carinna Parraman

Julie Caves
How Does a Painter Approach and Navigate Colour in Digital Printing?

Fred Swist
CMYK – from graphic design to digital art

Eli Zafran
A reproduction of colours as sources

Stephen Westland
New Developments in Colour Management
  Although digital colour printing presents the appearance of a seamless transition between image capture to print, there still remains the problem of how colour is managed. In colour science, we have begun to reach the limits of colorimetry – a method for measuring and specifying colour. Technicians have now begun to seek for clues in the world of fine art - how artists have perceived and transcribed colour in the past and their approaches to contemporary colour mixing and theory.

The objective for this invited panel is to address the state of the art and the problems of digital printmaking, in particular the gamut limits printmakers have to consider when making and printing a colour image. The panel is composed of invited speakers that will present innovative approaches to overcome the limits of digital colour printing and which scientific and professional techniques are currently under research. The panel will present to the audience a wider point of view of the underlying mechanisms of colour management and the techniques under development to address them.

Panellists are also members of the colour group CREATE (Colour Research for European Advanced Technology Employment); the aim is to address the knowledge gap between the arts and sciences and share expertise through a programme of training events and conferences.