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Group Shows at UWE

Multi-Box Project 2
Barbara Greene

A celebration of the 1st year of MULTI’s existence where all founder members have contributed a piece of art in an edition of 25 prints displayed in a handmade box.
Barbara Greene
The Printed Reality
Paul Laidler
Centre for Fine Print Research, UWE

The exhibition presents theatrically composed photographic images that are suggestive of an image world phenomenon under the broad themes of landscape, portrait and still life.
Paul Laidler
Love in the 21st Century and Modern Graphic Art from Estonia
Jaak Visnap
Estonian Lithographic Centre

2 exhibitions from the Estonian Lithographic centre: Love in the 21st Century & Modern Graphic Art from Estonia. A selection of Large colour lithography printed form Lithostones.
Jaak Visnap
Stories of our Making:  Contemporary Prints from Australia
Jan Davis
Southern Cross University

Stories of Our Making presents a breadth of contemporary Australian printmaking with an emphasis on artists whose work reflects an investigation of Australian identity.
Jan Davis
The Laughing Bear - an international print portfolio exchange
Diana Eicher
Minneapolis College of Art & Design
United States of America

In order to raise awareness about domestic abuse, selected international printmakers were invited to create prints based on the prose poem “The Laughing Bear” by Katherine Tilton.
Diana Eicher
Outreach Printmaking - Towards a truly accessible artform
Mr. Simon Ripley
Double Elephant Print Workshop

Artworks produced by users of our outreach mental health service, at psychiatric units and hospitals, using an outreach mobile print studio whereby printmaking can be taken into rural communities, prisons, hospitals, festivals and schools.
Simon Ripley
Tower of Babel - Celebrating the chaos of cross cultural communication
Prof. Ruthann Godollei
Macalester College
United States of America

This portfolio exchange explores communication, shared language, politics, international relations and idea exchange across different groups across time.
Ruthann Godollei
A selection of work from exisiting Multi-Disciplinary Printmaking MA students.
Artists from UWE, Bristol
Richard Anderton

A collection of printed artworks using a variety of print methods, with a fixed format. Originally an exchange between UWE (Bristol) and TNUA (Taiwan) the collection now includes work from current MA Print students at UWE.
MA Artists from UWE
Manu Propria Graphic Arts from Estonia
Mr. Loit Joekalda
Association of Estonian Printmakers

MANU PROPRIA (= "with one's own hand").
Some printmaking techniques require using technologies of more or less manual work. All the exhibition works have printed by artist’s own hand, mainly in Tallinn Printmaking Studio – Graafikakoda.
Loit Joekalda
Ganjifa Portfolio
Mrs. Kavita Shah
College of Architecture

The porfolio contains work from 54 printmakers from across the globe – each one has created one playing card in an edition of 60.
Kavita Shah
Old Traditions in new clothes
Edward Bernstein
Hope School of Fine Art Indiana University
United States of America

An exhibition of international artists who are involved in similar pursuits, i.e. combining cutting edge technology with traditional print techniques who are also inspired visually and conceptually by traditional sources.
Edward Bernstein
New Wave -  Demonstrating examples of concepts and formats of artists publishing
Sarah Bodman & Tom Sowden
Centre for Fine Print Research, UWE

In an arena that now includes both digital and traditionally produced artists’ books, what will constitute the concepts of artists’ publishing in the future? Part of a two-year AHRC funded research project: What will be the canon for the artist’s book in the 21st Century?
Sarah Bodman & Tom Sowden
Another New Zealand / Another United States
Mr. Michael Reed
Christchurch Polytechnic Institiute of Technology
New Zealand

World-wide, readings of news publications provide examples of how power corrupts. What is plainly evident in many of these examples is that the victims, or collateral damage, are civilians, the young and the weak, the economically and socially disadvantaged and those that have little or no commercial value or power in society.
Michael Reed
Converging Collections: Imprints celebrated through the process of gathering
Prof. Laura Berman and Jill Fitterer
Kansas City Art institute and Boise State University
United States of America

An exhibition which gathers together in celebration, two unique personal collections harvested for the IMPACT 6 conference held in Bristol, through the use of printmaking and artist books.
Jill Fitterer and Laura Berman
Surimono / international : Woodblock and poetry
Mrs. Nel Pak

An international portfolio of fine woodblock prints, which include poetry and image, as a modern take on the Japanese surimono tradition. 14 prints come from Japan, USA, Mexico, The Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Poland and New Zealand.
Nel Pak
Interpretations of Landscape explored through Print
Frea Buckler, Ian Chamberlain and Dave Sully
UWE Print Centre

Interpretations of Landscape explored through Etching, Collagraph and Silkscreen from the School of Creative Arts Print Centre, UWE staff.
A Visual History of the George W. Bush Presidency
Prof. William Mathie
Edinboro University of Pennsylvania
United States of America

A portfolio exchange, inspired by repeated statements by American President George W. Bush, that history would be the judge of his presidency. This portfolio of images is being created to record an assessment of that history at the close of his time in office.
William Mathie
Triple Echo - Collaborative Printmaking initiative between UClan, Liverpool JMU and Wirral Metroplitan College of fine art
Mr. Pete Clarke
Eight days a week

Triple Echo is a reciprocal exhibition of contemporary printmaking between the University of Central Lancashire, Liverpool John Moores and Wirral Metropolitan College, Birkenhead. It aims to encourage artists to cultivate their own personal themes and interests to create experimental and innovative artwork professionally presented in the public domain.
Made at DCA - Celebrating 10 years of collaborative editioning
Annis Fitzhugh
Dundee Contemporary Arts

Over the past 10 years Dundee Contemporary Arts has presented some of the most vibrant and challenging work by both emerging and established, internationally respected artists. The Exhibition consists of a selection of printed works produced over the decade.
Annis Fitzhugh
2nd Engraving Invitational Portfolio Exchange
Prof. James Ehlers
Emporia State University
United States of America

This portfolio exhibition is a celebration of the act of engraving. Its goal is to expand awareness of this elegant and difficult technique as well as provide a forum for contemporary engravers. Its participants span a remarkable range of styles, from the very traditional to more abstract, from expressive to the very technical.
James Ehlers
Injured Text :  a Common Language?
Mr. Neil Morris
Liverpool John Moores University

This project provides a platform for a diverse group of art and design practitioners to explore these notions of commonality and difference, authorship and readership, through the unifying media and graphic possibilities of printmaking.
Neil Morris
Art Dialogues - Rabbit Saves the World Part 2
Anita Jung
Ohio University
United States of America
Anita Jung
Signs of the Time - Wayfinding - , multi - Participants, themed around 'Directional signage'
Stefanie Dykes
Saltgrass Printmakers / University of Utah
United States of America

How will we navigate the growingly complex, interrelated political, economic or social conditions of our global future? Directional signage attracts attention to, establishes identities or communicates instructions to a fast paced moving public. Signs of the Time exhibition will utilize these inherent qualities of directional signage.
Tiny Touring Print Show: The Impact of the Small
Carinna Parraman and Tortie Rye
University of the West of England

Tiny Touring Print show: A portable show of very small prints by an invited group of artists. The exhibtion will follow a recognisable exhibition format but at an unusual scale and in a less conventional space.
Committed to Print
Prof. Stephen Hoskins
Dr Paul Thirkell, Centre for Fine Print Research, UWE

As well as work exploring the possibilities of combining digital imaging techniques with rare old processes such as collotype, printed enamels and an obscure photo ceramic printing technique, the exhibition aims to reveal the potential of some of the newer imaging technologies that have recently emerged.