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  Saturday 19th
Ten Political Printmaking

Bower Ashton Viewing Room
9:30am - 11:00am

Chair Prof. Deborah Cornell

Marion Arnold
Cutting Anti-Apartheid Images: Bongiwe Dhlomo's Activist Linoprints

Carl Rowe
Eight Ways To Cook the Books: Art, Politics and Food

Robyn Sassen
The Print, its Matrix and South Africa's Constitutional court

Prof. Dominic Thorburn
Print as Public Interlocutor
  This panel focuses the strong dynamic of the print to express values of freedom, justice, and community in times of political oppression and economic uncertainty - and beyond, to the politics of rebuilding. The panelists - from South Africa and the UK – historicize and unfold social activism and the methodologies in use by powerful contemporary print initiatives.

In Print as Public Interlocutor, Dominic Thorburn characterizes the print in South African social tradition and its role in public intervention, advocating awareness of social challenges such as the Aids epidemic, child abuse, and freedom of speech. Activism is furthered by the use of scale, commercial media, and public display, as print subverts traditionally commercial spaces to educate and affect change.

Carl Rowe’s paper Eight Ways to Cook the Books: Art, Politics, and Food, discusses his silk-screened cookbook, and traces other historical works such as Marinetti’s Futurist Cookbook, that humorously satirize the culture of food and its preparation to comment on moments of societal distress and anxiety.

In Cutting Anti-Apartheid Images: Bongiwe Dhlomo’s Activist Linoprints, Dr. Marion Arnold reconstructs the historical significance of Dhlomo’s works inspired by the 1976 Soweto uprising, and those that give voice to urban and rural black women’s histories.

In The Print, its Matrix, and South Africa’s Constitutional Court, Robyn Sassen traces printmaking values in the physical architecture of Johannesburg’s new Constitutional Court, and investigates the construction of its collections, using the works of Kentridge, Berman, Williamson, Goldblatt and others.