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  Thursday 17th
Five Print in the Social Sphere

Council House Main Hall
3:50pm - 5:40pm

Chair Prof. Dominic Thorburn

Prof. John Risseeuw
Sustainability in Printmaking co authored by Professor Stephen Hoskins

Lucrecia Urbano
Ad or Art? Contemporary Art on the Street

Kevin Haas
Authentic Experience: Multiplicity and Dislocation in Printmaking and Contemporary Culture

Prof. Elizabeth Rankin
Signs of subversion
  This panel will delve into the impact of printworks in the ever changing contemporary social sphere.

John Risseeuw and Stephen Hoskins will examine current theories, literature and issues of sustainability emanating from research at UWE, and how they relate to the practice of printmaking and print media. The resultant dialogue and raised consciousness will inform ongoing research.

Kevin Haas addresses one of the primary conundrums of contemporary life - a quest for authentic experience within a sea of mass production. The question is posed whether the artist’s print and multiple are at odds with other means of uniform production, or does it fantasize for production on this scale? Are print artists positioned to address the implications of mass production, and the desire for authentic experiences, residing somewhere in the middle of this dislocating situation which is our everyday lives?

Elizabeth Rankin focuses on the prints potential for multiple production and wide distribution which continues to make it a potent vehicle for subversion. The paper will explore the contemporary work of two New Zealanders, an American and a South African which offer compelling images that address political and social issues of human rights.

Lucrecia Urbano will present The Posts Project wherein Argentinean prints negotiate open space through display on lamp posts – a public intervention creating an intriguing slippage between the gallery and the advertising milieu.