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  Friday 18th
Eight Applied Arts

Council House Council Chamber
11:00am - 12:30pm

Chair Dr. Matthew Partington

Steve Brown
The Role of Interpretative Mediation in Applied Art Screenprinting

Cathy Treadaway & Charlotte Hodes
At the cutting edge: an investigation into the role of digital print within creative practice

Maristela Salvatori
Notes on a Process
  The ‘Applied arts’ have generated objects decorated with layers of meaning in the form of patterns, pictures and text for millennia. Printmaking has offered a pragmatic means of reproducing and transferring this imagery.

Often, print has been used for economic imperatives in industrial contexts, for example in the areas of ceramics, glass and enameling. Although this is perhaps diminishing in the current economic climate, we still have a rich heritage that contemporary artists and designers can draw upon for more individual conceptions. This provides opportunities for subversion, pastiche, and irony as well as a pure celebration of the potential of printed image and material object.

New technology also brings an added dimension and can refresh traditional approaches. This panel will aim to highlight some the exciting work taking place in this overlap between the two creative ‘worlds’ of applied arts and printmaking.