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Impact 2009

September 16th -19th 2009 :
IMPACT Print Conference, Bristol, UK

IMPACT 6 celebrated 10 years since the conference began in Bristol in 1999. The focus of IMPACT 6 was on the international diversity of the discipline, from its roots in industrial communication through traditional, fine art based processes, to the current cutting edge technology and theoretical debates. With the theme of ‘celebration’ in mind, The conference returned to many of the original topics upon which IMPACT was founded, as well as looking at new areas of discussion that have evolved with the growth and development of the discipline. A full summary of the conference will be published in due course and the conference website will continue to be updated as information is gathered together.

For a flavour of IMPACT 6 click on the links below for a selection of feedback and refelections from the conference participants:

“IMPACT was a fantastic experience and gave me so much inspiration”
Emma Jane Kelly

“Of the many panels presented, I especially appreciated the magnitude and breadth of topics explored in the panel, “Print in the Social Sphere” in particular “Sustainability in Printmaking”, presented by Professor John Risseeuw, Arizona State University and co-authored by Stephen Hoskins, Centre for Fine Print Research. While their presentation asked more questions than providing solutions, regarding practices and consumption of materials in printmaking, I was glad to hear the issues raised in the context of the conference.”
Jill Fitterer

“There was so much to see at the conference; exhibitions, panels, demonstrations and 'poster presentations'”
Sean Rorke - Development Manager Hot Bed Press

"How could I be so silent on the Impact printmaking conference? It was a five day extravaganza of printmaking lectures, panels, posters, entertainment, art and alcohol, with printmakers from all over the world congregating in Bristol.”
Wuon Gean

"Impact 6 managed to combine theoretical debate and the making processes seamlessly. Attracting an impressive group of culturally diverse delegates from across the globe Impact 6 made for a very successful conference. LPT were equally impressed with UWE and their engaging technical staff and print facilities.”
London Print Works

The number of events during the concentrated period of the conference “Impact 6” surprised by the abundance and quality of content. The organisers stated that it was the most important event in the world dedicated to multi-disciplinary graphic art and related media. The conference takes place every two years. The question arises why it is worth participating in the conference? In the author's opinion, Lithuanian art and art education institutions could pay more attention to similar international forums and encourage artists as well as students, lecturers and researchers to participate in them. Such conferences are ideal for getting acquainted and exchanging information as well as ideas with colleagues, to view exhibitions, get to know the improved classical and newest technologies and experiments of print.”
Greta Grendaitė

Paul Webster Thompson
Awagami Factory
Hybrid Press
SurimonoInternationalPortfolio at IMPACT 6 IMPACT6SurimonoInternationalPortfolio
Alter Printmaking
Wales Arts International
Spike Print Studio
Southern Cross University
Bristol Creatives

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