Open Portfolio

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This event is open to all delegates, whether you are participating in other events at IMPACT 6 or not. It is designed to provide individual artists, or groups of artists with the opportunity to showcase a portfolio of work to the IMPACT 6 audience. It is an informal exhibition, displayed not on a wall, but from a table-top. Artworks can be framed or unframed. Exhibitors may wish to present pieces laid out on the table, or in a portfolio to be browsed through. Please note that portfolios must be small enough to fit, opened out, on a table measuring 75cm x 150cm.

We have invited a number of local galleries from around Bristol, and hope that it will be of interest to them, as much as to all the international delegates attending IMPACT. We hope that it will prompt discussion, possibly collaboration, commissions, contacts with galleries or even sales!

Based upon previous IMPACT conferences, we anticipate that this will be a very popular event, and have therefore arranged a sign up system to book table spaces at the Open Portfolio event.

To book a space in advance of the conference, please send an email to: with the subject as one of the following:

Open Portfolio 5-6 pm
Open Portfolio 6-7 pm
Open Portfolio 7-8 pm

Please ensure your full name is included in the email, and a contact number during the conference if possible.

Alternatively you can sign up upon registration at the conference from 2-6pm at the Bristol Council House, Wednesday 16th September.

Notes to Participants

  • You MUST sign up in advance of the event to ensure you have a table booked.
  • You must arrive and set up on time, to limit the amount of disruption during the event.
  • No artworks may be fixed to walls.
  • Once your hour time slot has finished, please vacate the space promptly so that the next user may set up.
  • If you fail to sign up, you may attend the event and fill any spaces that have not been pre-booked.
  • Any sales of artworks are your responsibility and IMPACT cannot provide payment options. (eg: credit cards)