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Loughborough University

Academic Poster Presentation
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Born in Lodz, Poland. Graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Lodz, Faculty of Graphic Art and Painting (2002), and Faculty of Visual Education (2004). She was twice awarded a 3 weeks residency in Centrum voor Grafiek Frans Masereel, Kasterlee, Belgium. Participant in numerous national and international exhibitions.

She is currently undertaking a PhD Research at the School of Art and Design, Lougborough University , Loughborough, UK, on the “strategy of play” in contemporary visual arts. Her own practice, mainly in the techniques of painting and printmaking (linocut) focuses on the notions of fragmentation of experience, memory and desires and the fluid movement between the real and artificial, here and there, inside and outside.

She explores the potentials of linocut as a contemporary medium exposing imperfection of human gestures, inability to render the illusion and producing images constructed with alienated layers –  inevitably fragmented and “unfinished”. Apart from being an active artist and researcher, she works as an illustrator and book designer.

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