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Centre for Fine Print Research, UWE
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In 2007 Jessica was awarded a three year AHRC Fellowship in Creative and Performing Arts based at UWE. The focus of the fellowship, entitled Innovation in Vitreous Enamel Surfaces in Jewellery will be an investigation into the use of innovative and experimental enamelling techniques in the production of contemporary jewellery.
Methods and approaches more usually associated with large-scale and panel enamelling and industrial processes will be adapted for use in wearable pieces.

Jessica trained in jewellery and traditional enamel processes at Central School of Art, London (now Central St Martins). For a number of years her practice primarily involved the creation of jewellery pieces that incorporated traditional enamel techniques. Inspired by the approaches to enamel she encountered during her involvement in a large public art project she has latterly undertaken a sustained period of non-traditional technical research into mark-making in enamel. This, combined with investigations into printmaking techniques for enamel, formed the focus of her recent study at postgraduate level. The more experimental and flexible approaches to the material developed during this time have informed her most recent work in which she seeks to create enamelled jewellery that moves away from traditional practice in order to achieve a more ambiguous and expressive material quality.
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