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Robert Blackburn Printmaking Workshop, NYC
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I am an artist and a collaborative master printer. These roles intertwine to influence each other and my work. As a collaborative master printer I have benefited from a rare window into the creative processes of some of the greatest artistic minds of the past sixty years. I equate my early collaborative work to the traditional apprenticeships of bygone eras. These collaborations have allowed me to strengthen my own artistic voice, as well as the creative pursuits of the artists with whom I have worked.

My involvement in printmaking first stemmed from my interest in art and science. These fields involve similar creative processes, and are rooted in experimentation built upon a platform of history and tradition. I consider myself to be a conceptual artist, and am not solely attracted to a single medium for accomplishing my conceptual goals. Rather, I am compelled by the genesis of ideas in such a way that the technical and aesthetic outcome is dictated by the conceptual pursuit.
As a practicing artist and the Director/ Collaborative Master Printer of Robert Blackburn Printmaking Workshop, NYC, I have lectured and led workshops on contemporary fine-art printmaking and printmaking techniques, curated exhibitions, and exhibited my work worldwide.
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