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John Phillips role in the community press initially began in 1974 as a one of the co-founders of the Paddington Printshop, the forerunner of today’s London Print Studio. The Paddington Printshop assisted community visual arts organizations whose objectives were to promote their ideas and projects through graphic media. Paddington Printshop became a centre for community development in North Westminster, an area in West London rich in cultural diversity, but economically deprived. Over time, the Printshop evolved into the presently known London Print Studio, now supported in part by the Arts Council of Great Britain and is a model for similar arts organizations around the country. Over the past 25 years the Studio has helped to create a wide variety of projects including the Paddington Development Trust, established in 1998, and still maintains a close working partnership between community organization, the local authority and the private sector. In 1999, the Trust successfully gained £13 million SRB grant for regeneration in North Westminster and has attracted support from a broad range of trusts and sponsors.

Director John Phillips has devoted the past 32 years of his life to the development of this highly successful, public, non-profit printmaking workshop and will talk about his role in art-activism initiatives, both in the UK and abroad. Dr. Phillips will also discuss the transformation of London print studio, and how this graphic arts organization, its projects, and his vision have informed the cultural arts over the years.


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