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Technical Demonstrator, UWE, Bristol, UK
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Dave Fortune has worked at UWE for many years managing the water-based screen-printing department at The School of Creative Arts in Bristol. He regularly holds workshops, seminars and summer schools in the UK and internationally.

In 1989 Dave spent time at the University of Berlin researching water-based screen-printing. On returning to the University of the West of England he proceeded to set up and run a completely solvent free screen-printing area. His involvement in the story of water-based ink development and water-based ceramic decal development at UWE, Bristol was invaluable.

His enthusiasm during those early days of the changeover from oil-based to water-based inks, to his present commitment to disseminating the information to schools, colleges and Universities is boundless.

Dave’s book, ‘The Art Teacher’s Guide to Water-based Screen Printing’
(second edition) is on sale.



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