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University of Art and Design Helsinki
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Dr Kristoffer Albrecht (b. 1961) completed his DA, with the thesis Creative Reproduction. A Practical Study on Ink-printed Photographs, their History of Production and Aesthetic Identity, in 2001 at the University of Art and Design Helsinki. He has been teaching photography and printing for more than twenty years. He is Adjunct Professor at the School of Visual Culture at the University of Art and Design Helsinki, where he is in charge of the research project The Multiplied Image. His research focuses on the printed image, with special attention to the printed photograph in an art context. As an artist photographer he has been exhibiting both at home and abroad since 1983. Making photobooks is an important way of his artistic expression. He has published some 20 books, among them Metropol (1998), Memorabilia (2004) and ZigZag in Europe (2009).
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